SPP CERAMIC is a renowned manufacturer of domestic and internationally distributed hand-painted ceramics.For over 20 years, we have producted made-to-order items for various renowned brands like Marks & Spencer,Debenham, Whittard , Mila , Dethlefen & Balk , Next and Habitat, among others.
     We are concerned about your health, Therefore, be assured that our oriducts are environmentally friendly,lead-free and safe for using in a microwave oven od dishwasher. With ISO 9001 (2008) certification in international laborstandars, technology by international organizations such as SGS, Intertek , the U.S. Food and Drug Adminitstration and Ceram by Mtec
Using technologies fron italy, SPP also products hight-quality celadon mosaic tiles for uses such as flooring and swimming pools.